Rocky Mountain National Park hires TLC Tree Expert Inc. (A Boulder Tree Service)

TLC Tree Expert Inc. ( A Boulder Tree Service) was recently awarded a very high profile contract in Rocky Mountain National Park. Price was not the deciding factor but professionalism, quality of work and expertise within the field was. With all the companies in Colorado they could have gone with, they decided to go with TLC Tree Expert Inc. of Boulder, Co. They brought us in to remove a very large Pine Tree that was threatening a 100 year old park structure. The removal of the tree presented many hazards from electrical wires close by, big wood and a historic structure below. We removed the tree safely and thoughtfully not even leaving so much as a small twig on the roof.

If Rocky Mountain National Park uses TLC Tree Expert Inc. to remove trees around historic structures; shouldn’t you trust us around your homes! Check out some of pics the park service sent to us.

Rigging out the top of the Pine Tree, so that it does not touch the structure below.
Removal of a larger Pine Tree. This tree was threatening the historic structure below at Mill Creek Ranger Station.

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