Fruit Tree Pruning

Tip #3 March 2013

Timing is everything when pruning trees. Do you have a Apple, Cherry, Pear or Crab Apple Tree? Are you wondering when you should prune these types of trees? Pruning of Fruit Trees should be done while in their dormant state (Dec-March). A large percentage of these trees have “Fire Blight” and if pruned when bud immersion is occurring; could spread the disease to other parts of the tree or neighboring Fruit Trees. When pruning Fruit Trees a professional Arborist will carry 2 hand pruning saws, one to cut the infected wood out and the other for non-infected wood. This will limit the ability to transmit the spores to healthy tissue. Spraying the fresh cuts with Lysol or a 10% bleach solution will also kill any active spores that might be present. Watering of Fruit Trees in the winter months will help promote health and vigor for the spring flush of growth.

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