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Why is stump grinding service so important?

Stump grinding removes tree stumps without having to dig them out. Most homeowners will have a stump grinding service done primarily for aesthetics but there are other reasons it is important to get rid of stumps. Learning more about stump grinding and why it is necessary can help you make a better decision on what’s best for your property.

Insects love tree stumps and grinding the stumps ensures they are not setting up permanent residence on your property inside the stumps to later harm healthy trees and plant material. Such insects as termites, carpenter ants and earwigs are just a few of the harmful insects that make left behind stumps a perfect home.

Aesthetically Speaking

Aesthetically speaking, stumps left behind make a job look unfinished and not complete. Trying to mow your lawn around old stumps can be challenging, not to mention it makes mowing more dangerous than without the stump. Stump grindings can also be used around your yard as mulch to help keep the moisture in during the hot dry summer months.

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