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Wildfire Mitigation

Wildfire mitigation is the implementation of various measures designed to minimize the destructive effects a wildfire has on your property. Some measures are designed to modify the forest environment surrounding a structure that puts the structure at risk from destruction by a wildfire.

Local homeowners who live in forested or otherwise fire-prone areas should consider the hazard presented to their property by a wildfire and should attempt to mitigate its effects. Boulder fire mitigation work to protect against wildfires can help homeowners substantially increase their safety and reduce the risk to life and property. However, given the unpredictable nature and behavior of wildfire, it should be noted that there are no guarantees.

Proper Removal of Trees

Proper removal of trees that are near a structure is the first step towards effective tree fire mitigation. Ascending trees and removing branches up to 8ft, and removing all fuel that is laying on the ground, is critical to protecting your home.

Fire mitigation is extremely labor and machinery intensive. TLC Tree Expert Inc. has experience with Boulder Colorado fire mitigation and we have the proper certified arborists and necessary equipment in place to help with all of your tree fire mitigation needs.

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