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Seasonal Tree Care

Boulder seasonal tree careEvery season of the year is ideal for different types of tree care as not all types of tree work can be done at any time of the year or growing process. In addition to not being able to perform all types of work in any season different times of year lend them to being easier for certain tasks and certain tasks are more crucial in different seasons.

Ideally you will have a relationship with an ISA Certified Arborist who regularly inspects your trees for warning signs of safety issues or health hazards. These can include insects such as Emerald Ash Borer, diseases and fungal infections such as Sycamore Anthracnose. Or other concerns including structural problems and hazards that may require a tree to be trimmed for it’s own healthy growth or taken down for the safety of person and property. With this kind of attention TLC Tree Service can advise you on not only the best approach to keep all your trees healthy. But we also have the experience and knowledge to handle all your Boulder tree care needs including tree pruning, spraying for disease and insect control, tree removal, tree cabling, and more.

Recommended Spring Tree Service

  • Tree Fertilization: Injections our Broad Spectrum Vitamin Complex with Bio-stimulants to give your trees the nutrients needed to thrive.
  • Tree pruning: Make sure your trees are ready for the spring growth spurt and grow how and where you want them too.
  • Insect and Disease Control: Trees show signs of insect or disease problems more in spring.
  • Tree removal: Get dangerous trees down now before they load with leaves.
  • Stump removal: Remove ugly stumps now in time to either plant a new tree or plant grass.
6245537 - dawn, the young leaves of oak trees covered the first rays of the sun.

Recommended Summer Tree Service

  • Disease Control: Symptoms of Dutch elm disease or oak wilt begin to show up in infected trees in the summer
  • Fungus Control: Spraying for most leaf fungus diseases will be done by early to mid-July
  • Pest Control: Inspect for summer pests and treat as necessary
  • Pruning: Evergreens are best pruned in the summer after their new growth has occurred
  • Deep Root Watering: Trees can get very dry during the hot summer months.
  • Crown Cleaning: This is the ideal time of year as you can most clearly see the aesthetic shape of the tree when full with leaves

Recommended Fall Tree Service

  • Pest Control: Systemic application of insecticides that will help prevent infestations next year
  • Disease Control: Iron injections to treat Chlorosis is most effective in the fall
  • Fertilizing: Application of fertilizers in the fall is possibly the best time of year
  • Tree Removal: In preparation for heavy snow loads of the Colorado winter

Recommended Winter Tree Service

  • Tree Pruning: Oak and Elm trees are ideally pruned after the first hard frost. Winter is also the appropriate time to prune American Elm and fruit trees
  • Tree Removal: Removing trees during the winter can be more cost effective as frozen ground can be driven on and there is less bulk to deal with as the leaves are gone.
  • Stump Removal: Winter is also good for removing stumps as the ground and grass is not impacted as much

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