Chris Toney

We offer the best customer service

My name is Chris Toney; I’m a ISA Certified Arborist and owner of TLC Tree Expert, Inc. I started this company for a couple of reasons. “I have two beautiful young daughters and they are the most important things in my life”. I wanted to be able to spend more time with them and working for myself has enabled me to do just that. I have been an Arborist for over 15 years, most of those in Boulder, CO and I still love waking up and going to work. I believe if you have a true love for your work, it will show daily. Even after all that time in the field I get excited about the next day’s work.

When I started TLC I also wanted to provide the best customer service the tree industry has ever seen. We as a profession, lack this and I wanted to set TLC aside from everyone else. I believe in connecting with my clients. I want to be able to sit down and listen to what you want and not up-sell you on things you don’t need. Being a small company has its benefits to my clients. I call you when I say I’ll call you, I show up when I say I’ll be there, and I do what I say I’m going to do. I believe that if you are going to have a successful business you must be ethical and provide an extremely professional experience for your clients. I always tell my clients up front “I might not be the cheapest, I might not be the most expensive, but there is no substitute for quality and professionalism.”

We take pride in our work, your trees, and your property

In addition to giving you the best experience possible, I want to give your trees and property the best care possible. We take our time with every tree and truly enjoy making your trees not only look better, but make them healthy and strong so that they will be around for many years to come. We take great pride in our work and that includes keeping you and your family safe. Since I only employ ISA Certified Arborists, we are able to tell which trees are dangerous and need to be removed, and do so with the utmost safety practices, and can also salvage trees that just need a little TLC.

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