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Tree Chipper

In the process of removing large trees there is a large amount of product to be removed. Much of this, especially the larger pieces are handled by our grapple truck but many of the limbs and smaller pieces are handled by our Vermeer Chipper.

This industry leading chipper is powered by a strong 25 horsepower John Deere diesel engine. This strong John Deere engine can easily lift material up to 2000 lbs/907 kg with the optional hydraulic winch. The BC1500 powers through material up to 15”/38 cm in diameter with improved productivity thanks to the Smart Feed system. This safety enhanced Smart Feed sytem monitors engine rpm and detects jams so it can automatically stop or reverse the rollers when necessary. The Automatic throttle and clutch system prevent high-throttle clutch engagement to reduce frequent clutch plate adjustments. Built with an extra-large forty five gallon fuel tank we can run this machine all day without having to stop to refuel.

Some of our customers want the chip material, and for good reason as urban soils are typically depleted of organic matter. In contrast to forest soils where trees evolved and dead material covers the forest floor. By composting the root zone with arborist wood chips this is an easy way to feed your tree by providing the soil with nutrients. . As the chips break down, they fortify the soil with organic matter and minerals. Chips can also retain soil moisture, help control soil temperature and add a level of weed management. In general mulching with wood chips makes urban soil more hospitable to trees.

At TLC Boulder tree service we chip into our International 4300 Chipper truck with our Vermeer tree chipper, and can remove the chips for you or place them anywhere we can access on the property.

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