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Grove Truck Mounted Cranes

At TLC Tree Care we specialize in the removal of large trees. If you have a large tree that is dyeing from old age, disease or a pest invasion we have the skills and equipment to handle the job. Even if you have a tree that is close to your home or power lines, by utilizing our Grove Truck Mounted Crane and Bucket and Boom truck we can safely remove the tree.

Removing a tree with the use of a crane is the most effective and safe way to handle it. Other tree removal methods can be exceedingly time consuming and labor intensive resulting in additional man hours. Without a crane the removal can involve complex rigging and lowering to avoid obstacles. By utilizing a crane we can decrease the impact to the surroundings and save time on the job.

After the chainsaw, cranes are the next greatest invention to the Arborist industry. While they have been used by tree services for decades but have become more popular over the past 20 years and TLC Tree is known for their expertise with cranes.

We employ Grove Truck Mounted Cranes as our crane of choice. Mounted on a truck carrier for roadway travel our truck mounted cranes require no special transport on the road or assistance on your property to access your tree. With outriggers that extend from the chassis level and stabilize the crane when handling the heavy pieces of the tree we can handle any size tree. We have two models we utilize depending on the size of your tree, the 40 ton TM500E-2 and the 80 ton TMS800E model. These both come loaded with all of the right features needed for us to do any job in the Boulder area. With an offsettable telescopic swing away extension to increase max tip height to 154 ft we can take down the tallest trees.

When using a crane we are able to provide a safe and efficient no impact tree removal at a lower cost than traditional methods. If you have a tree that you have been avoiding taking down because of its size contact TLC Boulder Tree Service and let us take care of the rest.

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