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Grapple Truck

At TLC Boulder Tree Service we specialize in the removal of extremely large trees. To do this you need the right equipment for every stage of the process. We use Grove truck mounted cranes to take the trees down, but then we have to remove the tree material from the site. This is where our Grapple truck comes into the scene.

A grapple truck is a truck that has a grapple loader mounted to its frame which is used for loading and sometimes hauling unwieldy waste. Grapple trucks are very expensive so many tree companies cannot afford one. In fact the truck makes the work of removing tree debris so efficient that employing one of these would drastically cut into the labor hours of the companies employees. Also because of it’s efficiency many tree companies would find it difficult to keep the truck busy forty hours a week.

Because we specialize in large tree removal and are known for this in the Boulder, Colorado area we not only have no problem keeping this truck busy, but we can barely keep up with the demand. What does this mean to you as a customer, or as another Boulder tree company looking to work with TLC Tree Service? We can get the job done in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the man hours. This means we are done with the job faster and at a competitive price.

We did our homework before making committing ourselves to such a specialized piece of tree care equipment and decided Apex made the truck that worked best for us. The Apex team has been in the industry for over thirty years building and repairing trucks and equipment in the United States. Yes these are made in the U.S.A. Their quality is highly respected in the industy and this means a lot to us, as not only is this a financial investment, but an investment in the safety of our employees. If this machinery were to malfunction it could jeopardize the bodies of our staff, and they are our greatest asset.

Every Apex Grapple truck must pass a 210 point internal inspection process, and a separate independent Federal Department of Transportation inspection. This rigorous process assures the quality and safety we need.

This is the truck that moves the big trees. This grapple truck can load and haul anything that we need or can pick up by hand. Every part of the tree, limbs, stumps, and logs can be quickly and easily loaded and removed.

We can use our Grapple truck not only for taking down trees but for quickly cleaning up large amounts of storm debris or fire damage. By using the right equipment to get the job done TLC can guarantee quality and safety for everyone. So if you are in the need of a large tree removal give us a call at TLC Tree Service.

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