Chip Truck

International Trucks are a brand you can count on, made of high-strength, low-alloy double-sided galvanized steel and standard cold-rolled steel these trucks are true work horses. Built with a DuraStar cab that is designed and proven to exceed SAE and ECE rollover safety regulations we trust this equipment for the most demanding of tree removal jobs. We use International for both our chip truck and our boom and bucket truck.

Specializing in large tree removals we encounter trees that can weigh up to 30,000 pounds or more. For example An 80 foot hardwood tree with a 24” diameter has a weight that can exceed 20,000 pounds. So we need a truck that can handle the load, especially on some of the hilly and rough terrain we encounter here in Boulder, Colorado.

Our International 4300 is mounted with an Arbortech chip truck body. Known as one of the leading manufacturers of truck bodies for arborists we trust Arbortech to stand up to the rigors of large tree removals. Built with galvanneal steel to ensure the durability and corrosion resistance of a truck body that must withstand daily abuse and exposure to the elements. The specialized forestry bodies feature smooth body side panels, instead of the commonly used rib design. This provides a clean smooth surface that does not snag on tree material or interfere with dumping. This is especially important when we are working with diseased trees.

The combination of our International 4300 truck with the Arbortech chip truck body is a reflection of the dedication to quality we maintain with all our equipment and services.

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