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What is Cabling & Bracing?

Cabling and bracing are processes that restore or improve the structural integrity of a tree that is worth preserving. Individual limbs or the entire tree may be cabled and braced. Fasteners are attached to the weakened limb and the main trunk. Using ropes or chains, tension is applied to the weakened limb. Heavy duty cables are then prepared and attached to each fastener to provide the correct amount of support for the weakened limb.

Cabling consists of installing steel cables between major limbs and trunks to help support weak trees during high winds and storms. TLC helps your trees to avoid breaking by cabling them to provide much needed strength and avoid flying debris that can damage property.

Bracing, on the other hand, is a process designed to straighten undesired bends and other deformities in a tree by applying corrective forces to areas of a tree like the trunk. This is usually accomplished by using a turnbuckle device to exert force at a desired point of application that can be adjusted as a tree responds to the pressure to continue straightening.

How Does it Help?

While it sounds like a relatively simple process, it takes a great deal of technical expertise and experience to know how to go about it in a manner that protects the longevity of the living tree and the safety of those around it. Cabling and bracing also help trees during heavy snow or excessive ice, giving them the support they need to handle the loads placed on their branches by the weight of snow and ice that can cause your trees and tree branches to literally snap under the weight.

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