Winter Tree Care

Boulder winter tree careLiving in Boulder, Colorado it is easy to forget about our precious trees in the winter. After all this is the time of year when many of us are in the high country skiing at our favorite ski area or going for winter tours in majestic Rocky Mountain National Park. But as the saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the same goes for winter tree care. Taking appropriate action now can save you major headaches come next spring.

Recommended Winter Tree Care:
* Tree Pruning: Oak and Elm trees are ideally pruned after the first hard frost. Winter is also the appropriate time to prune American Elm and fruit trees
* Tree Removal: Removing trees during the winter can be more cost effective as frozen ground can be driven on and there is less bulk to deal with as the leaves are gone.
* Stump Removal: Winter is also good for removing stumps as the ground and grass is not impacted as much

Winter Tree Pruning:
Pruning of oaks and elms starts again after the first hard frost during what we call the dormant season. Pruning in winter during this dormant time invigorates trees because it leaves the plants with extra energy reserves that the tree can use for new growth in the root system and on the remaining branches. Winter pruning is good as well because your Boulder tree service company can see the branches more clearly without leaves. Not every tree should be pruned during the winter so leave it to your ISA Certified Arborist to make sure we get it right. The key to keeping fruit trees attractive and productive is annual pruning. If left un-pruned, fruit trees may struggle in growth. The key triggers for trees to go dormant are things like lessening hours of daylight and cooler nights so do not worry or hold off on pruning if we are having a mild winter. Fruit trees grow best when pruned and trained to a vase-shape with no central leader.

Winter Tree Removal:
Are your trees ready for winter? If you have limbs and branches over your home or where you park your car, you may want to cable them, if they are healthy, or prune them before winter stress causes breakage. If branches are dead or diseased and thus unsafe, it is probably time to remove them. Summer heat here in Boulder can also take its toll on an aging tree, if you have a tree that has suffered during the summer, the winter season could be the final straw. In this case removing it before it falls on your home or loved ones under the weight of winter snow is a much better option than letting nature take its course.

Winter Stump Removal:
Everyone is focused on their yard come spring and getting an Arborist to your home in the busy season can be tough. Get ahead of the seasons by grinding out stumps in the middle of winter. The ground if often frozen so we can drive right up to your stump without damage to your yard. By getting the stump removed in the winter you can plant a tree now so it can work on its root system before the spring growth spurt. Or if you are planning grass this gives you plenty of time to get topsoil brought in and prepped for seed and straw.



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