Summer Tree Care

Boulder summer tree careProper tree care is a year-round commitment that requires attention in all four seasons. Many of us think spring and fall are the times when these tasks need to be done but June, July and August are actually some of the most important times for you to apply proper Boulder summer tree care.

Recommended Summer Tree Service:
* Disease Control: Symptoms of Dutch elm disease or oak wilt begin to show up in infected trees in the summer
* Fungus Control: Spraying for most leaf fungus diseases will be done by early to mid-July
* Pest Control: Inspect for summer pests and treat as necessary
* Pruning: Evergreens are best pruned in the summer after their new growth has occurred
* Deep Root Watering: Trees can get very dry during the hot summer months.
* Crown Cleaning: This is the ideal time of year as you can most clearly see the aesthetic shape of the tree when full with leaves

Summer Disease Control:
Armillaria is a fungal disease that been the demise of many a beautiful big Oak or Maple. Trees growing in proximity to decaying stumps or other infected trees can become infected, so it is important not only to remove old dead stumps but protect live trees with proper care from a certified Arborist. Fireblight is another bacterial infection that can be prominent in the early spring. Chemical spray applications are available and trunk Injection also provide control if applied in a timely manner.

Summer Fungus Control:
Fungal leaf diseases of ornamental trees often are frustrating problems. Fungicides must be applied preventively to successfully manage spores that were released early in the growing season. Fungicide sprays should begin when the first signs of growth are noticed.

Summer Pest Control:
Late spring and early summer is when pests emerge to start feeding on your beloved trees. Japanese beetles and Bagworms are common leaf eating pests that can diminish the tree’s ability to survive hot and dry conditions and cause defoliation. Proper application of a blend of insecticide, miticide, and fungicide to help fight off insects, mites, and fungus respectively will go a long way in protecting your tree investment.

Summer Tree Pruning:
The growth of a tree’s crown is an important part of the tree’s busy summer cycle, and inappropriate pruning in extreme temperatures can be harmful. With that said this can be a popular time to prune as you get a more accurate understanding of how the tree looks in comparison to pruning when there are no leaves. With this in mind summer pruning is appropriate but we take care not to remove more than 20% of healthy crown material during this summer period.

Deep Root Watering:
Drought stress enhances the spread of this disease, so deep root watering can be helpful not only in making sure your trees are beautiful all summer but that they stay strong and disease free. We can go long periods of time without significant rain here in Boulder and the arid climate can dry your trees out before you know it. It is best to have an ISA Certified Arborist working with you on a yearly basis to keep your trees in the best possible health and make sure your trees are getting the water they need.



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