Spring Tree Care

Boulder spring tree careAs the snow of winter starts to melt and the days get longer we long to be outside and enjoy the peace and beauty of our back yards. Make your trees healthy, safe and beautiful this spring by taking proper care of your valuable green friends and following some of our spring tree care recommendations.

Recommended Spring Tree Service:
* Tree Fertilization: Injections our Broad Spectrum Vitamin Complex with Bio-stimulants to give your trees the nutrients needed to thrive.
* Tree pruning: Make sure your trees are ready for the spring growth spurt and grow how and where you want them too.
* Insect and Disease Control: Trees show signs of insect or disease problems more in spring.
* Tree removal: Get dangerous trees down now before they load with leaves.
* Stump removal: Remove ugly stumps now in time to either plant a new tree or plant grass.

Spring Tree Fertilization:
Plant vigor is essential for maintaining landscape trees and shrubs. The stress of urban and suburban landscapes usually comes from the lack of natural resources that nourish trees. We fertilize trees at different times of year for different reasons. For spring we will inject a broad spectrum vitamin complex with bio-stimulants to give your trees the nutrients they need for the productive spring growth spurt.

Spring Tree Pruning:
Spring pruning can prevent the spread of disease, slow growth and encourage impressive flowering. Spring pruning does not take the place of winter dormant pruning, but it can help reduce the amount necessary as well as promote shorter trees that can be more easily harvested and maintained.

Spring Insect and Disease Control:
The mistakes of years ago of leaving trees to their own has caused most homeowners to take proper care of their trees much more seriously. Nowhere is that more prevalent than with insect and disease control. Soil injections and trunk injections are two of the more popular methods of dealing with pests and diseases, as we are not just spraying chemicals in the air. As part of our ISA Arborist certification we know how to correctly identify the pest or disease and know the proper application and chemical controls to manage the infestation.

Spring Tree Removal:
If you have a tree growing close to your home that you are considering removing and spring is the ideal time before the tree starts to grow leaves for the approaching summer season. Spring is also the season for thunderstorms and heavy winds here on the Front Range of Colorado. To protect your property from falling tree limbs, consult with us to assess the safety of your trees.

Spring Stump Removal:
Leaving the stump of a tree to rot in your yard can attract some unwanted visitors including: wood borers, termites, beetles, and ants, none of these do you want in your yard. Stump removal is not a DIY job. Professional removal with heavy machinery is safer and more efficient than attempting the job without the proper tools or equipment, not to mention easier on your back.



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