Fall Tree Service

Boulder fall tree careAs summer comes to an end and the days shorten and we pack up our yards for the winter to come many people tend to pay less attention to their trees. When in fact this is one of the most important times of the year for several aspects of your Boulder tree care. Certain trees are best or only pruned in fall, this is an ideal time to fertilize and if you have noticed any dead on your trees you definitely want to get it off before winter.

Recommended Fall Tree Service:
* Pest Control: Systemic application of insecticides that will help prevent infestations next year
* Disease Control: Iron injections to treat Chlorosis is most effective in the fall
* Fertilizing: Application of fertilizers in the fall is possibly the best time of year
* Tree Removal: In preparation for heavy snow loads of the Colorado winter

Fall Pest Control:
Hemlock and Spruce Gall Adilgids and Spider Mites are best treated in October. The Gall Adelgid produces galls in spruce trees by infecting the new buds of these native spruce trees. These are prominent in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains including Boulder, Colorado. Spider mites are not true insects, but are classed as a type of arachnid. These mites feed on the underside of leaves by piercing leaf tissue and sucking up the plant fluids. Treating for their eggs in the fall is the most effective method of dealing with the Spider mite. If Birch Leaf Miners, Lace Bugs or Aphids were a problem last Spring, get a Merit injection now as they are in a more vulnerable state in the winter as well and treating now can be very effective.

Fall Disease Control:
The majority of tree diseases are caused by fungi that are weather related, such as Armillaria, a fungal disease that can attack a variety of tree species. To reduce or prevent occurrence the following year, in the fall, spray the tree and surrounding area with a fungicide to reduce the number of over-wintering spores. Be sure to remove and destroy any fallen leaves that may be contaminated.

Fall Tree Fertilizing:
To some fertilizing in the fall does not make immediate sense as the tree is going into its most dormant time of the year in this season. When you understand why it makes perfect sense to fertilize your trees in the fall. At this time of year, deciduous trees have shed their foliage for the year and the new growth of the tree has slowed considerably. During this time the root systems of trees gather the nutrients from the soil and give them to root development and important health system functions, such as disease and pest resistance. While the tree is focusing on this instead of growing new foliage it can focus on becoming not just beautiful but strong and healthy for years to come. If there are excess nutrients from the applied fertilizer, these are stored in the roots and made available when new growth begins to happen in the spring.

Fall Tree Removal:
When the canopy of the tree is full in the summer dead branches can be hard to see, as leaves start to fall and the tree opens up this is an ideal time to pick out the dead. It is crucial to perform this type of tree cleaning before the heavy weight of snow begins to weigh on and break branches.



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